Who doesn’t like being read to? The narrator’s voice can sooth us, or their performance can make us laugh out loud or jump out of our seat. No matter the genre, a book read aloud is a singular experience.

If you love audiobooks like we do, then join with us in celebrating Audiobook Appreciation Month! With summer almost here there is no better time to enjoy an audiobook. Here are a few reasons why an audiobook (or many) is perfect for when you are more active outdoors:

  • Help the time pass enjoyably on a long road trip or plane ride to your vacation destination
  • Immerse yourself in a book while you are doing solitary hiking or backpacking
  • Being read your favorite book can relax you even further as you lounge on the beach or in a hammock
  • CDs or digital audio are more convenient to travel with than books

You can learn more interesting things about how people use audiobooks with the Audio Publishers Association 2018 survey.

Are you now eager to pick out your next audiobook? These are the ways you can listen to audiobooks from the library:

  • Compact Discs – Check out our audiobooks on CD to listen in your car, computer or CD player
  • Digitally – Stream digital audiobooks on your computer or mobile device with OverDrive through the Libby app (you can also download to use offline):

Either way you access Libby, all you’ll need to login is your 14 digital library card number.

And be sure to check out the audiobooks on CD that are newly added each month to our library collections.

If you want even more to listen to, try the “This is the Author” podcast: “…from Penguin Random House Audio that goes into the studio with authors who read their audiobooks.”


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