In Circulation

Our library has over 48,000 holdings of books, periodicals, audiobooks and DVDs. Discover something new and interesting today.

Job Training & Homework Help


Coursera’s mission is to help individuals build the skills they need for in-demand jobs. 

  • Provides learners with access to more than 5,000 courses and certifications led by top businesses, universities, and organizations.
  • Courses include: English for Business and Entrepreneurship (ESL), Foundations of Public Health Practice, Become an EMT, Bookkeeping Basics, Introduction to Google Docs, Design a Restaurant Menu, Food and Beverage Management, Branding: The Creative Journey.
  • Contains “Gateway Certification,” a program for people without a college degree and with no experience in the field, built by leading companies such as Google. Facebook, and Salesforce.
  • Offers subtitles in more than 50 languages

Click this link that will take you to the California State Library’s page where you can register for courses.

Northstar Digital Literacy

Northstar Digital Literacy tests your computer skills. You can build skills in key areas, and demonstrate your knowledge by earning certificates and badges, that you can present to employers or list on your resume, through proctored tests given in person in the library or remotely. Prepare for your future now!

Technological Resources


We offer access to public desktop computers and Chromebook laptops for use in the library.


We can assist you in scanning, printing documents and general computer use. We also offer access to a copy machine.


We offer public wifi Internet access for your laptop or mobile device.


Pre-loaded audiobooks, learning apps, videos, and read-alongs. Come into the library today to see our current offerings.

3-D Printer

Create a personal project or have one of our staff help you learn how to create something fun.

Online Resources

Libby App

Libby is a virtual “library-to-go,” allowing you to check out e-books, audiobooks, and digital magazines from your mobile device or use Libby in your web browser at

E-books & Audiobooks

Access the library’s collection of online e-books and audio with the Libby app for mobile or at

Digital Magazines

Access 2,300+ titles online with the Libby app on your mobile device or at

The New York Times Online

For access outside of the library; for access inside the library.

enki Library

Read enki titles online or download and open in Adobe Digital Editions on desktop, laptop, Android/iOS tablet or phone.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Offering plans for virtual learning materials that support children’s continuous learning at home and for back-to-school.

Scholastic Home Base

Fun activities based on popular characters and book series.


An engaging collection of 250,957 children’s and young adult books resources that brings books to life.

Brainfuse JobNow & VetNow

Access to eligible VA benefits and community resources.

The “Kid’s Kingdom”

We have a dedicated reading and activity room full of juvenile age fiction, non fiction, easy read/picture books and magazines. Our events consist of a weekly “Story Time” reading and “Kids Craft” with our children’s librarian as well as one-time special events. We also offer “Storytime To Go” kits each month for you to take and enjoy at home.

Teen Cafe

We offer a relaxing space for teens to read, study and quietly socialize among the shelves of young adult fiction, nonfiction and graphic novels.